Lunar Anomalies
by Steve Austin
Page 001

This Photo is from a NASA Slide of the Lunar Farside
1) In the clip below there are three structures; a Dome, a Pyramid and a Sphere, three of the strongest structures known to man. And they are on the moon. Note: It looks like this area was strip mined, now covered in vegetation.

Gray Scale Closeup of Area
The Sphere

1) Large Main Sphere
2) Bent Tubing, maybe a cooling device for this structure
3) Shaft protruding out of sphere
4) Some kind of visor, half open

Note: At the bottom of this sphere you can see the roundness of its shape. The shape at the top can not be seen because of the vegetation covering this structure. Also notice vegetation growing upright on top of the sphere.

Click Image for larger view
The Pyramid

1) Pyramid
2) Square Border around an opening
3) Raised door over opening
4) A long tube curved at the end and capped
5) Radar dish; notice vegetation hanging at the dish
6) Three large panels. May be power transformer for dish device
7) Notice the round sphere with a bent tube attached. It seems to be ejecting a liquid into a square container

Notice how thick the vegetation is in the dark areas and over this structure. In certain places you can see branches of the vegetation.

The Dome

1) Dome
2) Tesla Coil. Note the round sphere on top of the dark column, and the large square base
3) Canoe shaped object
4) An open fram antenna. Notice the bent shaft and frame

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