The German Connection
Nazi Saucers and Saucer Technology

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Tracing the History of Disc Shaped Craft of Earth Design
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Song Playing  is "Panzerlied" (German Tank Song)
From the "Battle of the Bulge"

Lyrics in German Russian and English Here

"brotherthebig" is an active member of ATS Discussion Board and a recent member of Pegasus Research Consortium. The main discussion thread on this topic can be found here;  Aliens & UFOs - UFO: Antigravity or Coanda Effect; Man Made Saucers or Aircraft? He prefers the anoniminity of the nickname due to considerations of his work.

"brothethebig" was born in Lisbon, Portugal and currently lives in Madrid, Spain with his wife and one son. He has a BSc in Electronics Engineering and has more than 2 decades of professional experience as an IT Architect.

When he was around 14 years of age, Einstein's works on Relativity and the book "Morning of the Magician's" ("Le Matin des Magiciens", from Louis Pauwels and Jacques Bergier) had influenced his way of seeing the word around us.

He likes to read and share ideas about "Fantastic Realism", you can find out more about him on ATS at http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/mem/brotherthebig, and feel free
to contact him by e-mail brotherthebig@gmail.com or join in the discussions at ATS.

This section is spearheaded by brotherthebig with additions and contributions by other Pegasus team members. It is currently a work in progress and there will be many additions in the next few months.


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    Wiehle am 25. Juni 1933 auf der Fahrt nach Königsbrück gedichtet
    German WWII Song List
    1. Ob's stürmt oder schneit,
    Ob die Sonne uns lacht,
    Der Tag glühend heiß
    Oder eiskalt die Nacht.
    Bestaubt sind die Gesichter,
    Doch froh ist unser Sinn,
    Ist unser Sinn;
    Es braust unser Panzer
    Im Sturmwind dahin.

    2. Mit donnernden Motoren,
    Geschwind wie der Blitz,
    Dem Feinde entgegen,
    Im Panzer geschützt.
    Voraus den Kameraden,
    Im Kampf steh'n wir allein,
    Steh'n wir allein,
    So stoßen wir tief
    In die feindlichen Reihn.

    3. Wenn vor uns ein feindliches
    Heer dann erscheint,
    Wird Vollgas gegeben
    Und ran an den Feind!
    Was gilt denn unser Leben
    Für unsres Reiches Heer?
    Ja Reiches Heer?
    Für Deutschland zu sterben
    Ist uns höchste Ehr.

    4. Mit Sperren und Minen
    Hält der Gegner uns auf,
    Wir lachen darüber
    Und fahren nicht drauf.
    Und droh'n vor uns Geschütze,
    Versteckt im gelben Sand,
    Im gelben Sand,
    Wir suchen uns Wege,
    Die keiner sonst fand.

    5. Und läßt uns im Stich
    Einst das treulose Glück,
    Und kehren wir nicht mehr
    Zur Heimat zurück,
    Trifft uns die Todeskugel,
    Ruft uns das Schicksal ab,
    Ja Schicksal ab,
    Dann wird uns der Panzer
    Ein ehernes Grab.

    In blizzard or storm,
    Or in sun warm and bright,
    The day hot as hell
    Or bone-chilling be the night,
    Our faces may with dust be laid,
    But spirits never fade,
    No, never fade;
    Relentless, our tank
    Thunders out on a raid.

    With engines a-howling,
    Fast as is the wind,
    We head for the foe,
    Safe, as we're in armor skinned.
    Our comrades still behind us roam;
    We fight the foe alone,
    Yes, fight alone.
    We stab through the line
    To break the foes backbone.

    Whenever the foe
    May appear in our sight,
    We'll ram throttle full,
    Then we'll humble all his might!
    Of what use is our life if we
    Our country serve freely?
    Yes, serve freely!
    To die for our country,
    Our honour shall be.

    With tank traps and mines,
    Our foe tries to impede.
    We laugh at his ruses;
    We know he'll not suceed.
    And when, in threat, his cannons stand,
    Half hidden in the sand,
    Yes, in the sand,
    We can find our way
    Over much safer land.

    And should at long last,
    Fickle Lady Luck leave,
    And we remain here,
    Leaving family to grieve,
    A bullet with our name on it,
    Find us and seal our fate,
    Yes, seal our fate,
    Our tank will our grave be
    On that final date. 

    Translation Frank 1998

    Russian WWII Songs List

    Russian Lyrics

    В ночи ледяной или огненным днём
    Под солнцем палящим в пыли наши лица
    Навстречу врагу мы в колонне идём
    За честь и за Родину чтобы сразиться

    С ревущим мотором, как молния быстр,
    Навстречу врагу и всегда в авангарде
    Грохочет наш танк в море огненных искр
    Он щит и броня наших доблестных гвардий.

    Мы ищем порой обходные пути
    Нас минных полей не удержат границы.
    Противнику ярость рассудок мутит,
    Но с нашей отвагой ничто не сравнится!

    А если оставит в беде нас судьба
    И огненный шквал грянет с новою силой,
    Домой не вернёмся уже никогда
    И станет нам танк железной могилой.

    German Panzer Song

    German Panzer Song