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Karl came to join us at Pegasus a few years ago shortly after JKrog08 passed away unexpectedly at a young age just as he was going to become our UFO expert. Karl has picked up Jkrog's work and added much more of his own. He also comes to us from ATS (AboveTopSecret.com) and most of his threads and work are posted there. Below we have a list of all Karl's active threads at ATS. He has been slowly copying them to our forum and we are now transferring them a few at a time to the Pegasus website where they will get much more exposure and have a permanent presence. This process will take some time as there is a LOT of material, posts, photos and files, that need correlating. Some of Karl's work duplicates our own and we will merge those files so they are all under the same incident.  Any volunteers?

Karl12's Threads at ATS
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