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Coronado Naval Base, San Diego
Swaztika Barracks Design
3240'33.83"N 117 9'28.36"W 

Naval Base San Diego

Our Mission:
To provide appropriate logistical support for the operating forces of the U.S. Navy and for dependent activities and other commands as assigned.

Welcome Aboard!
Congratulations on receiving orders to Naval Base San Diego. 
The Main Gate is located at Harbor Drive and 32nd St.

US Navy Pacific Missile Range Facility
Barking Sands, Kauai, Hawaii
Iron Cross on Runway
+22 2' 40.83", -159 46' 46.94"

Den Haag, Denmark
52 4'43.34"N 419'58.12"E 

Berlin, Germany
5230'31.46"N 1320'6.90"E 
Strange Marking on Google Earth
Anchorage, Alsaka
6117'58.92"N 14937'25.62"W 
Redacted Areas on Google Earth
Mist, Oregon
46 00' 26.18" N, 123 15' 40.30" W 
..Google Hides Military Base
Volkel, Uden, Netherlands
+51 39' 27.92", +5 42' 8.09"
Near Odiliapeel, Noord-Brabant (Netherlands)
Redacted Islands
Kwajalien Atoll
+9 19' 33.65", +167 25' 9.90"

Redacted Island; By NouvelleOrleans
Why has this island been removed from the data?

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