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Anomaly Collection Page 001
 "Cruise Missile"
Near Junction, Utah
+38 13' 36.38", -112 17' 56.00"


Kirtland AFB
+35 2' 48.26", -106 34' 22.35"

This airplane was caught on the ground at Kirtland AFB  It has the same engine location and the same narrow dark wings, only in the stationary image the wings are straight, while the ones in flight are angled back... We still have no identity as to the model or manufacturer

Airplane with Vapor Trails and Ghost Image
+50 50' 32.73", +4 36' 55.09"

Airplane with Vapor Trails and Ghost Image
Tonapah, Nevada
+38 3' 25.46", -117 8' 55.56"
Jet flying / Ghost Image to NW: Jan 28, 2006
By kwgm

January 28, 06 overlay, elevation 5661 feet, a large airliner in flight (w), extending a long contrail (e). What caught my eye is a ghost image of the plane, at 11O'clock and close to the original image. The source of this image is up to speculation: misalignment of camera or overlay, or a strange reflection? This plane appears flying very close to restricted airspace (right over the main gate to Tonopah AFB). No markings are visible on the plane from this high angle. Discovered May 4, 2008-kwgm

Jet aloft, ghost image

Airplane High Detail
Windecken, Germany
5012'47.26"N 852'7.31"E 

Airplane and Shadow
34 16 13.07S, 150 25 54.99E 

Airplane and Cloud Reflection
-34 4' 3.68", +150 2' 28.84"

Bomber in Britain
5220'10.98"N 011'43.17"W 

Recorded by by ROBSON PETRONIO


John Ibbotson, on October 16, 2007, said:

"What a fantastic photo, I saw this very plane in the hangar at RAF Coningsby on a recent visit from our local British Legion and was thrilled to stand underneath its bomb-bay. This is a photo of outstanding quality and I'm proud to say I saw it in real life along with the other planes in the Battle of Britain Flight. JI"

HighEyeMan, on May 11, said:

"Thanks for saving this image (from an earlier google earth image) for the record. Well done!"

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