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Caverns of Sonora
 Sonora, TX
The Famous Butterfly Credit: Sonora Caverns

Welcome to the Caverns of Sonora


On November 21, 2006, the Caverns of Sonora’s trademark formation, The Butterfly, was vandalized. The top portion of the right wing on the Butterfly was broken off and stolen. Since this occurred, Texas cave owners have called for strengthening of the laws protecting caves and other natural landmarks of Texas. The Texas House and Senate agreed and it is now a state felony to damage or deface any cave in Texas. There is a standing $20,000 reward for information leading to the recovery of the broken piece of the Butterfly.

If you have any information please
contact us at 325-387-3105 or email cavernsofsonora@cavernsofsonora.com.

A Very Large Cavern Credit: Sonora Caverns
Map of the Sonora Cave System Credit Jack Burch & George Veni

SOURCE: Sonoro Caverns Home Page

Texas Caves:

The Caves of Georgia
Ellison's Cave
Also in Ellison's, this is the mineral epsomite. Credit: Gary Lau

Georgia contains fewer than Tennessee or Alabama, most of them in the extreme northwest corner of the state, but it has the famous Ellison's Cave, with its famous "Incredible" and "Fantastic" pits, the latter almost 600 feet deep.

Deep within Ellison's Cave is the Angel's Paradise, an area of extremely delicate gypsum needles. Credit: Gary Lau
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