Enigmas on Earth
Rock Formations
Devil's Marbles
Alice Springs, NT, Australia
Photo: Barry Allwright

Photo: Things to do in Australia

Photo: Australia Adventures

Alan Keohane (c) Dorling Kindersley
Devil's Marbles are a remarkable collection of granite boulders in the heart of the flat, sandy desert of the Northern Territory. In this image a tourtist is perched inbetween two of the boulders. - DK Images

The Pinnacles
Cervantes, Australia

Photo: Australia Adventures

Photo: Australia Adventures

Photo: Falko Shultz

Photo: P J Taylor - Website
The Pinnacles Desert is about 17km south of Cervantes, which is about 250km north of Perth, where Iím staying in Australia. Itís a long drive, but worth it as the desert is beautiful, and nearby Hangover Bay is great for watching the sunset.

The Yellow Desert
Cervantes, Australia
Photo: by tay ming wei

Photo: Kevin & Margaret Greenaway

Comet  McNaught over Pinnacles
Cervantes, Australia
Jan. 29, 2007

Photo: Daniel Bedo
The Pinnacles in the Nambung National Park near Cervantes, about 250 Km North of Perth Western Australia
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