UFO and Star Gate

2002 Nürnberg, Bavaria

Contributed by Mark W. (Cheop) from Nürnberg, Bavaria Germany

"S T A R G A T E" and UFO Photographs.

About my STAR GATE Photographs, how did they become to be???  I wanted to Photograph something unusual but I didn't expect THAT Unusual! I placed my tripod on the balcony and before I shot that Photograph, I concentrated really hard on something out there. It could have been nothing but sometimes I get lucky, like in this case here.

I used a 400 ASA color Film from Kodak with a Pentax 1000 k manual Spiegel Reflex Camera. After I developed that Film and saw the results, three days later because to develop Film, it takes that long or shorter but I didn't expect anything. Then, for the next Photograph, I concentrated strongly again and that was what come out of it.

That UFO is either very large and very high up there in the Atmosphere or is smaller and resting - hovering near the tree top. The STAR GATE seems to be in front [ed: behind] of the tree branches. It is not a fault of the camera otherwise, all the other Photographs would have that same error. Then I placed those two Photographs over each other [above], so you can easily see the difference!

And now the Photographs, they were taken in the summer of 2002, in Nürnberg Bavaria.

 Frame One
Cropped from the original image, the ring is not very visible but it is lower in the sky and clearly behind the trees. Below is the same shot, enhanced with brightness and contrast. Below that is a negative version of the ring
 Frame One 'Enhanced'
 Frame One 'Negative'

 Frame Two

The ring is now higher in the sky and the UFO closer to the ring, both objects are brighter and the UFO is closer to the ring. We are attempting to get the frames on either side of these two but Mark had only posted these. Updates will follow.  Below is the 'enhanced' image and then the negative

 Frame Two 'Enhanced'
 Frame Two 'Negative'
 During photo shoot of auroras this occurred using 30 second setting. 4AM 01-17-07, Central Yukon Territory.

--Maxx Runningbear 


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