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Berenstein Bears Anomaly (Glitch in the Matrix), Mandela Effect
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Time Lines - A Glitch in the Matrix
Nov 25 2016

A funny thing happened on Mars...

A few years ago I was looking into reasons why TIME might be changing... tied to the Schumann Resonance it appears that Time itself may be changing and that a current day is only 16 hours instead of 24, but our clocks still show 24...  The ONLY reason we can even be aware of this change is that part of us exists OUTSIDE of time so we can 'feel a disturbance in the force' as it were.  Many people I have talked to have the feeling that time is shorter. They can't get as much done in a day as before...   Yes we are told that this is a phenomena of getting old... BUT when young people are making the same comments it's time to look at it.

This article is NOT about the change in TIME itself. I will link to my work on that later as it is not yet compiled, but you can start your own search  "a day is now 16 hours" and "Schumann resonance increasing"

During my research into the time changes I used many search terms like "shrinking time". "time speeding up"  etc  and over the years an odd thing happened...

One day I would search and find several universities studying the same thing. I saved the articles and the links to refer to at a later date. But when I went back to look at them... they were GONE... no links, nothing came up in search and the files were not on my computer.

Okay so was I going crazy? Well I had it all fresh in my memory so I didn't think so.  I then started looking deeper at time issues and started finding that MANY other people have experienced the same thing. They too were told they were imagining things or were crazy.

Oddly enough there is an old TWILIGHT ZONE ("A matter of Minutes") episode on just this kind of experience  where things are missing one day, but back in order the next day.

Well during this new search I came across an article by Ted Twietmeyer...  It is his theory that time lines have been changed in small ways by something changing in the past (like if a time traveler went back and history changed just a little bit due to something that happened)  If such a change was major, we might no be here to remember it so it would be a moot point. So only small things would show up.

A funny thing happened on Mars...

Why Mars?  many of us have been involved for decades looking at endless photos take by the two Rovers Spirit and Opportunity...  those photos also have what is called a SUNDIAL which is basically a color chart for the images. So all anomaly hunters are familiar with that thing like the back of our hands. Below is a current photo of that sundial on one of the Rovers on the Martian surface.

The issue here is the gear-like ring on the post. I will post a portion of Ted's article below explaining this.  When he posted that article my first thought was "Hell yeah there is no gear on that thing!" and I looked up all my old photos on file. DANG! They all had the gear... so I contacted Ted and added my voice to his.   The years went by... and I wanted to return to the topic for our forum...  the articles were GONE... I contacted Ted... he had no idea what I was talking about.  Okay this is getting insane, I thought.  Then recently, end of 2014, I looked at it again... and Lo and Behold... all the articles are back

No I am NOT crazy... but if i am so are many others following this research. But it is difficult. Because if those time lines keep flipping, I never know if this work will survive the next flip. Al I know is that it DOESN'T Change in my memory.

Here is the update to his first article that caught my attention:

Rover Sundial Survey Concluded
By Ted Twietmeyer 12-31-7

First, I'd like to extend my thanks on behalf of Jeff and myself to all those who responded to the survey. So what is the purpose of the survey? It is about TIME. Specifically, a change in the past which had appeared to cause a change in the present.
About a week prior to this posting, a change in the sundial on the Rover was suddenly noticed. This design change appeared
in the sundial which I've attempted to illustrate in the altered photo below:

 Original sundial as remembered by four different people. This image has been modified in an attempt to show what several individuals remember. (Make that seven people, myself and two others on my team at Pegasus)
 Image of the sundial as presented in the survey
The difference between these two images is the appearance of protrusions near the base of the shaft, which look something like teeth on a gear. These objects were not seen back in 2005 when the book "What NASA Isn't Telling You About Mars" was first published. Apparently, something in the past has caused a sudden change in the present. All known copies of this image, both digital and those in print, have all been changed and look like the image above.
None of the nine respondents to the survey has observed this change. Though somewhat disappointing, the survey data must stand as it is. Possible reasons for this may be that three of the four people who observed this change had some extensive involvement with the creation of Mars book, and therefore had a strong memory of what it originally looked like. After seeing this, some Rense readers might also recall the change as well. Almost all respondents referred to a change in color or the lack of dust on small features of the sundial, and only one referred to the ring around the outside which anchors the sundial to the rover as being different. It may be true that this ring is also different as well.
At this point you may be wondering how this change could be possible. Consider that your mind exists outside of space-time. Your thoughts take place essentially at the quantum level, since they consist of electrical and electrochemical actions. Even if the physical world were to change you could still remember something as it originally was. For example, most likely at some point in the past you observed an eclipse of the Moon. This is something no one forgets.
Although that eclipse you remember has long passed and no longer exists, you can recall it anytime like the memory of a photograph or a loved one. If another full eclipse was forecast to take place but when it took place it only partially covered the moon instead, you would know something is very wrong. Likewise, if you saw a photograph of an actual full eclipse in a book which was captioned as a partial one, you would also know something is wrong.
This author was perhaps the first to notice the change in the sundial. It was only after presenting the image to others or discussing it with them, did they also recall that the protrusions around the base of the shaft were not there before.
Did someone go back in time and make a suggestion to Bill Nye ("the science guy") to add the protrusions to the design? He is credited with conceiving the sundial/photometric calibration target combination. Did they suggest to him that these protrusions would enhance it's operation? We may never know. And perhaps Bill Nye may not even know a subtle suggestion took place, if the suggestion was made in a subtle manner. The fact that apparently not one photograph exists anywhere without these protrusions (except the photo specially created for this report) substantiates the fact that every photograph related to this in the present has been changed. Only the memory of the sundial as it originally was designed exists, and nothing else.
At first glance, this might appear to be a very minor issue. But the impact of altering the past which instantly changes the present can be staggering. What other events may have been altered in the past, and who has the technology to time travel?
I would also like to thank Jeff Rense for being open minded on this matter, and for giving me the opportunity to field this survey.
Ted Twietmeyer

SOURCE:  RENSE.COM  Reprinted by Permisson from Ted Twietmeyer
IMPORTANT UPDATE on Survey Results
Thanks to an email from a reader named Edd(?) we have images of the sundial used on the first rover mission to Mars, known as Pathfinder. This one is quite different from the current rover sundials.

 Sundial on Pathfinder [1]
Rover Sundial 2007
Sundial as remembered by several people on Spirit and Opportunity rovers
(Above image altered to show it as remembered.)

Note that the Pathfinder sundial does not have the gear-like ring present on the current Spirit and Opportunity rovers. It does have different color reference markers however.
Rover sundial 2007.jpg Actual photograph of Spirit
and Opportunity sundial as it appears today.

Ted Twietmeyer
[1] -

Somewhere in a Small Pennsylvania Forest

Image Credit: Shadyside Worms, PA

"Somewhere" because this happened a long time ago (70's) and I forgot the exact location we were at.  The site was a small campground in Pennsylvania and we were attending a Civil War Reenactment Musket Shoot. Was my first time venturing into reenactment activities, so we went just to observe and try our hand at hitting targets with the sightless long rifles.

The campground was just off the main road and there  was a small rectangular forest next to the campground. This forest was bordered by the camp site on one side, a farm on the opposite side, the main road on the third and a dirt farm road on the fourth. It wasn't very large  as it was about the same length as the campgrounds. In the stock photo above you can see the approximate density of the woods.

So one afternoon of our stay three of us went for a walk into the woods... we came to a small sunlit clearing, with a big flat exposed rock layer in the middle. Just at the edge of that rocky area there was an old civil war wagon, mostly decayed. Didn't have a camera with us back then.  We headed back to the camp down the same path we came and told the others.  Went back the next morning, the plan was to dig around it for any interesting artifacts, etc...

Well it was GONE... no trace of it... no trace of the rocky clearing. We even took string and roped off sections as we made a grid looking for it, even though we were sure of the path (This really was a small section of woods.  Never found it...  It was like it had appeared for a brief moment then was gone...

At the time it was more of a Ghost Story for us... there are many similar tales in the region. But today thinking back on it, I would be more inclined to add it to my Portal theory.

Image Credit: Passion for the Past - Our camp site (aka the Reenactor Post Office)
Tucumcari, New Mexico 88401
June 30th 2016

Last June my daughter and I went to visit my ex wife in Houston Texas for a week. Drove down to bring her the rest of her stuff... that was a fun trip (not :P ) Heavy load, last a couple tires on the trailer.  On the way home, the trip was more pleasant as we had no deadline to get back and did some sight seeing...

The incident began when I was looking for a gas station and the next station was a Flying J in Tucumcari, New Mexico. Now I don't have a card for them and still had enough gas to get a few more towns so we skipped it. Around the next bend saw a nice new looking SHELL gas station ahead sign...  So we exited the freeway and turned back towards town now on Main Street, which is an old section of the Infamous Route 66

Well Tucumcari, New Mexico is mostly a Ghost Town... 

Tucumcari, New MexicoCredit: DGHPhoto

That gas station?  Not so new LOLc

Credit: Dr Bob's Route 66 Motorcycle Ride

The following two screenshots from Google maps show the three key points of the incidence. A is the exit we took off the freeway. Finding no gas station open we continued down Main Street back towards the freeway and the Flying J station. We turned right towards the freeway at point B...

The next moment we were on an on ramp to the freeway 10 miles from the town heading back the way we came... at point C on the second screen cap.  Experienced a few minutes of head spinning nausea until I got my bearings. Continued on to the next exit at San Jon to turn around... (it was after we turned back we saw the mileage sign
"Tucumcari  10 Miles"

So now we were low on gas and I had to stop at the Flying J (shows on my bank statement as I used the debit card)

Point A: Exited the Freeway - Point B Turned off Main Street towards Freeway

Point C: Where we suddenly ended up back on Freeway going back the way we came.
That gray on ramp was where we 'reappeared'  and thought we were in the right direction

After filling up and getting back on the Freeway... there were no more incidents the rest of the trip home...

Part Two

...until later that night.

We parked the trailer and unloaded the car... Since we were gone for two weeks we needed groceries. The Smith's close to us is open 24 hours (gotta love Vegas :P).  So we headed over to the store down the road we always use...  and saw THIS in the middle of the road (on an divider)

That was NOT THERE when we left....  Okay weird, but they might have put it up while we were gone.  Continued through the next lights at Desert Inn Rd and I almost went off the road. My headlights were reflected off of two huge white eyes in the middle of the curve.  Had no idea what it was (until we got close)  The next day we went to take a picture... It is an old rusted statue of a Steampunk Squid vehicle... THIS was also not there when we left. Contacted the county, they tell me it was built in 2012 !?!  Considering the rust on it... seems about right. But it wasn't there two weeks before when i filled up at the Exxon on that same corner on the way out of town.

Part Three

Oct 03, 2016

Every year we go camping at a Medieval week long event near Bakersfield, California  We take I 15 to the Bakersfield exit.  The event is always the first week of October.  So we head out early in the morning to arrive around noon when the site opens for setup.  On the way out of town, we were suddenly blinded by three bright points on the right hand side of the freeway... the image below is what caused it.  That photo is from an article that was dated FEB 21 2014, 9:23 AM ET

THIS was not there the last time (2015) we went to California! I have done extensive posting on solar power installations on Pegasus website... NEVER heard of this or saw it and its only 40 minutes from our house just into California.

FEB 21 2014, 9:23 AM ET Credit: NBC News
This plant was built in 2012 (same year as that statue in part two) and came online:
Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System Reaches ‘First Sync’ Milestone
— Testing confirms operational readiness of world’s largest solar thermal project —

NIPTON, Calif.–Sep. 24, 2013– Today it was announced that the Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System produced its first output of energy when the Unit 1 station was synchronized to the power grid for the first time. Achieving this critical “first sync” is a major milestone for the project, which is jointly-owned by NRG Energy, Inc., BrightSource Energy, Inc. and Google. - SOURCE
Driving around Las Vegas the past few weeks there are several other changes we have noticed... big ones, but I don't think there is any need to add them to make the point of this article as they would only have meaning to us anyway.

Ted Twietmeyer, who has done research on this very topic, believes these changes are due to a possible time traveler having made small changes in the past. I tend to lean more to the Quantum Timeline explanation. I have been aware of many little "glitches in the matrix" over the years since I started Pegasus Research Consortium. having spent several years also posting at ATS ( I came across many similar stories that other people have experienced. Ted has also received emails and letters from people with similar experiences and links to those (at are listed below under "Related Links"

It was Ted's article on the mars Rover Sundial that got me to start looking into the time discrepancies and I was brought to ATS searching for information on possible portals (dimensional and or stargates). So this research really comes in three distinct parts:
  • 1) Time lines and "glitches"
  • 2) Time itself shrinking or speeding up (Schumann Resonance)
  • 3) Dimensional Portals, both naturally occurring or man made (yes maybe alien connection too)
#3 We already have extensive research on though far from complete. I will be working on all this over the next few months to put all my notes in order so I can present it in a way that make sense. There is a LOT of collected data...  You can view the Portal information here  STARGATES

The BIGGEST issue with this incidence that I found most distressing was people I knew... Several people I have talked to for years are no longer the same. I will not name names... but I have some online friends that are so different now I do not even recognize them... a few are completely opposite in their current view point.  I did not fully realize this until I brought up certain subject.  One person on FB just today as I type this... He had made a post "History is Fake"  implying that the History we remembered being taught is no longer true.  I replied "WHAT IF" History is fluid and changing? and we talked a bit about timeline changes. I mentioned this incidence (in brief) and his reply was:
"I do have some small interesting stories that happened as of late, if you find the time maybe you can contact me on my cell phone [# deleted], interpreting your current comments on my page it does seem that you had dramatic shift in attitude I find that you're not the same Ron Schmidt, that I have interacted with in the past, that's what it seems like to me.
So... this is my first confirmation that someone else has noticed a drastic change.


I am NOT from this TIMELINE

If anyone reading this has their own story to tell and doesn't mind sharing, please drop me an email at or join us at our forum HERE
Related Links:
I will be adding to this list with other articles and lines of research into the three categories listed above. It has been suggested I do a book. I might do that, my daughter says if I put all the info together in a logical way she can do the 'story'

February 06, 2017
First comment from someone else...  This was posted today on Facebook by our friend Jerry Wills of Xpedition Radio (he has share his work on the Amary Maru Stargate with us)

Jerry Wills

Something is... well, something is not right. Take a few minutes and soak up this video. This is NOT what I saw, not what I remember, and I'm really staggered by this. I watched this event LIVE... It did NOT happen this way, yet these are the only clips available. They offer 'proof" this is the only version. Manipulation? No.. There are people who only recall these incidents as played out here. So what the hell has happened to the world I remember? Obviously, we have jumped from one reality to another. Let's open this for discussion...

Mandela Effect New!!!! 1-13-17 Lee Harvey Oswald Shot!! /Jfk

Published on Jan 13, 2017
Mandela Effect Oswald being shot. Is different than i remember.
Source video -
JFK - The Dallas Tapes - Original Oswald Footage

Update: March 2017
Collected comments from people who have had specific experiences and vivid memories

Jerry Griffen:
I gotcha. It was called Sex IN the City when I was in it

yup that is another one... so you were actually in that?

Jerry Griffin:
Yep, with to Sarah Jessica and on the pay stub it said sex in the city
,,,it's a strange world we live in my friend

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