Alternative Fuel Projects
The Home Energy Station

Increasing the number of convenient hydrogen refueling options is one of the last remaining hurdles to widespread adoption of fuel cell vehicles. Honda took a proactive approach to this challenge, and our research and development in this area is ongoing.

We have experience in the development of power stations to generate heat and electricity (co generation technology), as well as experience with home-refueled electric and natural gas vehicles. So it was a natural next step for us to leverage that learning to explore potential solutions to the hydrogen refueling dilemma.

The Home Energy Station

Honda has operated an experimental Home Energy Station in Torrance, California, since 2003. The Home Energy Station, which generates hydrogen from natural gas, is designed to provide heat and electricity for the home through fuel cell cogeneration and to supply fuel for a hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicle.

Honda has worked in cooperation with technology partner Plug Power, Inc., to reduce size and increase convenience in each subsequent generation of the Home Energy Station. In 2007 Honda developed Home Energy Station IV—which is even more efficient and better suited for home use than previous versions. CO2 emissions for a household using the Home Energy Station are 30% lower than those for an average household using a gasoline-engine car and commercial electricity and heat.

Honda believes in a future society powered by hydrogen, and we are serious about our commitment to contribute to the development of refueling solutions we can all live with.

SOURCE: FCX Clarity Home Energy Station

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