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Qinghai Lake
Mongolian bilingual, Daiqing Tana Haya Orchestra

While the Word is in turmoil and bent on self destruction, there are still places to escape the noise and find beauty and solitude. On this page we will stop in on Mongolia and Tibet

Neil Howard
The Music of the "Haya Band" has been captivating me lately, so here is another by HAYA and Daiqing Tana from Mongolia. I didn't realize this but the "Tana" in her name apparently means she is from the Mongolian "tribe" that hold the Qinghai Lake sacred, and this song is (elsewhere) called "sacred lake". She sings here in Mongolian, thus the Chinese subtitles. All of her (and Haya) songs seem to be to the spirits of the Mongolian landscape

If you want more search Youtube for "Haya" "Daiqing Tana" and 代青塔娜 (which is her name in Chinese- which translates as "On behalf of the Green Tana" with Google!) Most of the good stuff has Chinese or Russian script descriptions. Anyway watch & listen , and if you have never seen a beautiful woman riding a Yak, then you ARE in for a treat. I found some of the lyrics in English.
I stand still next to you
Never once thought of touching you

I touch the earth beneath your feet with my forehead Wishing that upon my next journey

My heart will be bestowed with a piece of your azure blue

Daiqing Tana - Ongmanibamai

Published on Jan 26, 2013
Tibetan Music
Kelsang Metok - Falling Love with Jiuzhaigou Valley

Kelsang Metok Tibetan Music and scenery.

Kelsang Metok - Falling Love with Jiuzhaigou Valley
Uploaded on Aug 22, 2007
Kelsang Metok's latest MV, shot in the scenic Jiuzhaigou Valley (九寨沟)
格桑梅朵 - 九寨情
Kelsang Metok - My Beloved Homeland

Kelsang Metok Tibetan Music and scenery.

Kelsang Metok - My Beloved Homeland
Uploaded on Mar 7, 2007
Music "My Beloved Homeland (Xiang Lian)" by Gesangmeiduo
Kelsang Metok - Ahsansan

Kelsang Metok Tibetan Music and scenery.

Kelsang Metok - Ahsansan
Uploaded on Jun 17, 2008
The beautiful Kelsang Metok is the icon of New Tibet. Her songs, as any other popular songs, reflect the real life in Tibet today, that is joyful, energetic and properous!
Music "Asangsang (A Sang Sang)" by Gesangmeiduo

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